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Ahh…the 2’s. No longer babies, & certainly not yet self sufficient – the 2’s represents a group of children who are rapidly coming into their own – while still needing:

  • Constant supervision...(β€œI only looked away for a second!” -said every 2 yo caregiver, somewhere, sometime, while cleaning up some type of disaster)
  • Entertainment
  • Snacks…(soo many snacks)
  • Transportation…(oh- you thought only school age children require taxi-ing to & fro? Sorry! You forgot about baby swim, toddler gymnastics, play dates with other toddlers, dr appointments…etc)
  • …& the list goes on & on!

And these full time tasks are WORTH EVERY SECOND… as your 2 year old reciprocates with:

  • Cuddles
  • Silly babbles & cute words for objects
  • Laughter at all your jokes
  • Admiring gazes
  • Growth & development milestones that make you so proud
  • & the list again goes on & on!

Terrible 2’s? vs. Thoughtful 2’s

Have you heard the term β€œterrible two’s”?

Well…in the spirit of our mindset shift – we are going to redefine our outdated approach to interpreting the 2’s…

& from now on we have…


This approach is supported by well established research based methods for defining this time (also referred to as “stage of development”) during which children are:

  • Slowly developing their self help skills
  • Slowly developing their problem solving skills
  • Slowly developing their rational thinking skills…

…& last but not least…

  • Slowly developing their patience, emotional regulation, & inhibition control

…while @ the same time…

  • Rapidly increasing their ability to comprehend
  • Rapidly increasing their desire to decision make for themselves
  • Rapidly developing their individual personality, likes, dislikes, & preferences

Remember: The goal behind the mindset movement here @ think10fold is to establish a pattern of thinking in which we are:

active, cognizant, and eager participants in the one true thing we have control over…

our π•‹β„π•†π•Œπ”Ύβ„π•‹π•Š!!

It is good that you are here – because the 2 year old stage takes A LOT of π•‹β„π•†π•Œπ”Ύβ„π•‹!

Refer back to the list of 2 yo development above – we know that at this age children are going through a stage that can be very trying for a caregiver to navigate. You may not always feel like your efforts make an impact. It may feel like it will be like this forever.

I PROMISE you – you will look back & say β€œwhere did the time go?”

In those moments – go back and re read this section from the beginning!

Because for every struggle a 2 yo survives, for every tantrum they recover from, for every tear shed (by caregiver & child!) … there are SO many more teachable moments seized, lessons learned, growth occurring, and character developed.

These are the outcomes of thoughtful interaction, planning, organization, & direction for time spent with a 2 year old.

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