Checkups, Health & Early Interventions, oh my!

Childcare Requirements!

Child well visits are a critical component of well rounded care. Growth tracking, immunizations, screenings & so much more occur during these times.

Parents who are able to come prepared with information, questions & paperwork organization will be able to make the most of well visits- while utilizing their time with Pediatric professionals wisely!

Not only are Universal Health Records (a 1 page snap shot of your child’s health stats) & immunization records good for health record keeping- they are also REQUIRED for Childcare – in the state of NJ.

Ask for a copy of immunization records at every visit – and record your child’s Universal Health Record date- so you can set a digital reminder for yourself for 10 months from that date – so you have 2 months to schedule & complete a well visit to receive an updated (required annually!) UHR.

Pediatrician, Vaccinations, & Health

Early Intervention Screening Tools


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